How far in advance can I book?

I book up to 1 month in advance. Please email me to be added to my waiting list and I will make sure to contact you when I know my availability.

Do you have a cancelations list?

Cancelations are usually due to actors having an audition or being ill so they often happen at short notice. Its very hard to predict and some months I have none.. If your schedule is flexible and you need your photos ASAP email me and ask to be added to my cancelation list, its definitely worth a try! 

What if its raining on the day?

We work under railway arches, and so while benefiting from the beautiful natural light, we are also protected by unexpected rain!

Will you advice me on what to bring / prepare? 

Yes. Once we book our session I will send you information on what to bring, how to prepare and what to expect on the day. 

Can I use a make-up artist?

Best to go natural however if you chose to go for one I am happy to recommend a few MUA for you. Booking is done between you and payment goes to them directly. Because there are no indoor facilities on location I ask that you see the hair and make up artists BEFORE your session and arrive READY to work. You can of course do any changes yourself during our session. 

Are there any indoor facilities on location?


Are there any indoor facilities in the studio?

Yes. But do bare in mind that with the premium session we start outdoor on location.

Can I bring a friend / Parent with me?

Only if you are under 18 years old

Im planning to drive.. Can I park?

There are two paid car parks in Muswell Hill.

1. Behind Planet Organic on 105C Muswell Hill Rd, Muswell Hill, London N10 3HS

2.Further down the high street behind M&S on Summerland Gardens
Muswell Hill

There are some free parking spaces on Woodside Avenue (N10 3JA)

Can you recommend a company to print my headshots?

I really like Visualeyes AND 10x8 prints 

What are the US style headshots? Do I need to pay more to have that style? 

No you don't! During all sessions, I will also take several US style headshots, which are colourful and landscaped to showcase a more commercial and international look. This service will be part of all packages, with no additional cost.  

Can I keep all the unedited headshots you took?

No sorry, I don't offer any unedited shots.

How long do you keep the photos for?

6 months

Can I share a session with a friend?

Im sorry, no. 

Can you recommend a career advisor?

Yes I can! Fatima spent 12 years working as an agent and looking after numerous household names for a top London Theatrical Agent, Rossmore Management. She can help you pick your final headshots, advise you on your CV, cover letter, agent and anything industry related. She helped me when I first left drama school and I highly recommend using her if you are starting out of just need a bit of advice!

Fatima Malagueira
(M) 07775 708 460

What if I need to cancel or rearrange my session?

I understand that auditions and jobs may come at very short notice,I am also an actor, so I totally get it! Therefore I am happy to rearrange your session if needed. I am very flexible with my clients, and so ask in return for your understanding if I have to rearrange or cancel a session myself at short notice.

* I charge a £40 deposit to secure your booking. This is only in order for me to make sure I am keeping the slot for someone who is definitely going to try and make it!! 

* The deposit will be deducted from the session fee on the day. 

* If you need to change your session due to illness or an audition, please let me know at least 24 hours before. (if you can't give me a 24hour notice email/call me anyway and we will work it out) 

* If you do need to rearrange, even at short notice-the deposit will be deducted from your next booking

* If you would like to cancel your session altogether, I will refund the deposit, providing I am given notice (at least the evening before)

* If I had to cancel the session and we couldn't arrange a suitable date, I will refund the  deposit. 

* I cannot offer any compensation for travel costs if I had to rearrange our session sorry. 

* If you don't turn up on the day, or cancel on the day without rebooking the session, the deposit will not be refunded. 

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