£340 / STUDENTS £300

* Choose between OUTDOOR on location or STUDIO

* 4 Edited Headshots
* Uk & US Styles
* Around 1.5 hours
* Approximately 4 -5 looks / changes
* Private online gallery within 24 hours


£400 / Students £390

Chose between OUTDOOR on location, STUDIO or BOTH
*must be arranged in advance*

* Around 2- 2.5 hours
* 6 Edited photos
* No limit on looks / changes
* Mid length portraits
* Uk & US Styles
* Private online gallery within 24 hours



Chose between OUTDOOR on location OR STUDIO
* If you changed your hair or need a quick update
* 1 hour session
* 2 Edited Headshots
* * Approximately 2 looks / changes
* Uk & US Styles
* Private online gallery within 24 hours


Please get in touch for a quote

Editorial style images for publicity and PR usage. Includes headshots, mid / full length and editorial / portraits shots.
* 10 Edited photos
* Around 3 hours
* Private online gallery within 24 hours
* Advice on best shots

Which session to go for?

If you need a new set of headshots, know what you want, find it easier to relax in front of the camera and prefer either an outdoor or studio look rather then both go for the Headshot package

If you think it might take you longer to relax in-front of the camera, need help picking your final shots ( I will narrow down the shots into folders for you) and are looking for more variety (either by going for both studio and outdoor or by adding extra time to try out more looks and hair styles) and would also like a few cheeky mid length portfolio style shots - go for the Headshot and portfolio package.

If you only need a quick top up (if you've changed your hair / grown a beard or just need a couple of extra looks), find it easy to relax in front of the camera and are on budget - go for the Top Up Package

For anyone from actors to artists, writers, company owners or brands - If your looking for a full editorial shoot to use for press, pr, magazines or campaign purposes and would like to discuss the option of collaborating together on the Editorial Portfolio Package please get in touch for a quote.